Cannot bear! Most game developer thinks Steam is undeserved cost of 30% pass by

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Regard online game as the tycoon of platform, steam is in encountered many competitors in recent years, epic Game Store is among them one of. Be aimed at the new investigation of game developer according to, game develops personnel to begin to think, steam regards promotion and sale as platform undeserved of 30% ” pass by is expended ” . This investigation can be held every year, and develop business to drop considerably to the impression of Valve and Steam this year. Development staff begins to lose confidence to Steam, they do not believe they pay to the shop 30% it is reasonable, and they will convert Epic probably finally. Name of this findings report is ” all things that Valve should know, 3 ” . Want because of Lars Doucet of the member that investigate and Valve interview, the investigation this year is not as so full-scale as in former years. But this report is shown really gave a lot of game developer to be opposite of Valve and Steam run way dissatisfactory. For example ” the requirement that answer my question and satisfies me ” or ” the increase that seeks with me agrees actively ” appeared to drop considerably, fell to lose a value even. In this one category, development business of the west already dropped considerably to the view of Steam. For example, be in the United States, as a result of all sorts of reasons, the development business of 82% is voting say Steam is undeserved the pump water of 30% , the game that shows them by ” algorithmic ” do was bungled. Great majority accepts the development staff of investigation to state they are considering to put their game on the shop of Epic, and as Epic Games Store start and run, more and more mainstream game and issue business to will leave Steam to go to other figure platform, valve will face the pressure that upgrade in future.

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