Pass ” battleground 5 ” set acts female soldiers in player of battle of close future single person

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Did not announce formally tardy as a result of EA ” battleground 5 ” , bring about there are all sorts of rumors on the network now. Someone says before is one battle, again the player explodes going out is close future set.

YouTube user IceManAuz uploaded a video recently, one is being revealed in video is the mail that in-house personage sends him allegedly, spoke of ” battleground 5 ” a few detail of single person battle.

Actually this video had been passed have comparative for some time (3.26) , the distance is fast now 20 days. To this hearsay, also be false likely, those who have fun at is OK click here to look.

EA Play will begin at 4 o’clock on June 13 morning at Beijing time, ended at 5 o’clock, entering the game that postpone exclusively certainly at present is ” peaceful calm fall from the sky 2 ” .

It is below a few pieces when release in Email so called ” battleground 5 ” check scheme. But from the point of check scheme, feel this explode makings is very false, game picture is very sodden, and the feeling that does not have cold frost engine.

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