Anger of WWE wrestle hand is accused move inspect say ” mission call 15 ” violate its effigies right

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fman of hand of wrestle of American famous profession is sued move inspect blizzard be suspected of tort. He points out ” mission call 15: Black acts 4 ” in ” prophetic ” (PROPHET) part and G.I of its cartoon character. Bro is very similar新上上海千花网交友



move inspect blizzard without accredit, do sth without authorization put its caricature figure “上海龙凤论坛

mission call 15 ” , accordingly he offers copyright suit. Booker T.Huffman submitted petition on Feburary 12, accessary a piece of comparative figure, show its likeness rate. At present speculation has entered legal order, still need a few time to just can come to light. The renown head of figure contrast Booker T is told to wrestle vermicelli made from bean starch absolutely not unfamiliar, he carries off 35 times in the Communist Party of China of WCW, WWF/WWE, TNA champion, ever was polled to judge by WWE audience for the greatest world heavyweight champion, and at hall of celebrity of selected on April 6, 2013 WWE. He the G.I in caricature. The figure of Bro and ” prophetic ” (PROPHET) photograph is compared, explain with this ” without doubt (move inspect blizzard) borroweded G.I. Bro ” . ” black acts 3 ” the prophet in

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