[dove flesh is no-no] _ of _ dove flesh cannot feed – of note of _ of _ food contraindication together

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Article introduction

The friend with a lot of mediumer life likes to eat dove very much, it is the flavour because of dove not only very delicious, more important is dove has very big gain to our body, but at the same time dove flesh also is to have certain contraindication, a few disagreementSea otter phoenix is talked onForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The collocation of manage won’t have a help to our body not only, return the case of meeting occurrence have loose bowels, must have a knowledge to the contraindication of dove flesh so, so what is dove flesh contraindication?

What is dove flesh contraindication

1. dove flesh and piscine shrimp photograph are overcome! Cannot feed together!

2. and pork photograph are overcome, columbine renown pigeon, flying slave. Our country major area has raise. With the pigeon optimal. Columbine flesh sex is smooth, flavour is salty. Classics of person liver kidney. Columbine flesh is hydrous cent, protein, a few adipose wait with inorganic salt. Columbine flesh not only nutrition is rich, and still have certain sanitarian effect, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account ” columbine a color is numerous, only white is used as medicine ” , from ancient up to now the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think columbine flesh has filling liver strong gas of kidney, beneficial enrichs the blood, clear hot detoxify, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. Modern medicine thinks: Columbine flesh is strong filling god of vigor of body filling kidney, opportunity of survival, be good at head, increase memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust human body blood sugar, raise Yan Meirong, skin whiteness is delicate, prolong life.

The dietotherapy action of 4. columbine flesh and effect: Grow kidney beneficial is angry, detoxify of dispel the wind. Advocate treat empty to win, disappear thirsty, long impaludism, amenorrhoea of woman deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, evil sore itch. 1. Treat fracture: Columbine egg 4, flesh of medlar, longan, sealwort each 10 grams, rock candy is right amount. Water will be added on boiler of buy of flesh of medlar, longan, sealwort 750 milliliter boil, break columbine egg againForum of Shanghai night net

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Bowl is put after inside, in putting crystal sugar bowl at the same time, boil together, to ripe become namely. Daily 1, take 7 days repeatedly. Treat skin Sao to itch1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Only, gram 150 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 50 milliliter. Reach pigeon eliminate hair splanchnic, add gram and yellow rice or millet wine to stew thoroughly cook eat. The kidney that treat liver is not worth amenorrhoea: Dove 1, liquor is right amount. Wine water half and half will be abluent go splanchnic dove is boiled feed. Lie between a day 1 times, take 4 ~ every months 5 times repeatedly.

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5. dove soup cannot be mixed commonly kelp, xianggu mushroom is taken together, affect nutrient absorption easily. : Hypertension and the person that have pile cannot eat dove, it is hair content. Bring about easily affect

Above is an introduction with dove no-no flesh, what food cannot follow one case when believing everybody should know to eating dove meat now edible, such ability can avoid to bring a few harm to the body, at the same time the food in living at ordinary times wants all the more attention, eat food of a few nourishing more, conduce to the counteractive capacity that increases our body.

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