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The red carbonado with inviting colour and lustre, sweet butyric cake… tall grease food always lets a person love to hate occur simultaneously, cannot defy. Different1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Do not know, enjoy delicate cost to the top of one’s bent very tremendous.

Tall grease food after all " destroy " which a few place of the body? (1)

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Cerebrum slows. Consider to discover, the amount of albumen transfer system in the saturated fatty acid that leave swimming to be able to bring about hematic head protective screen in tall grease food drops, make sea horse body and cerebrum skinShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The layer lacks dextrose, occurrence attention is not centered, response is slow wait for a problem.

Interference metabolizes. Researcher discovers school of cent of article of Europe of American California university, fast adipose food can affect control body interior ” clock ” molecular mechanism, cause metabolization disorder, bring about diabetic, fat wait for metabolization sex disease.

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