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To postpartum mom1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, do good month of confinement after giving birth to a child besides need besides, also want an attention to give the child compensatory and enough milk. Between our life, very much feed material to be able to help the grandma below mom. So, to lactationLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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for mom, can you drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water? If there are some of mothers now,not be the word that understands very much, we introduce today, the hope can let mom have more choices.

Can lactation drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water

Can the grandma below the puerpera drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water

The puerpera’s food should notice balanced nutrition only, do not carry feed, it is OK that the puerpera issues proper and compensatory calcium and microelement in the doctor’s guidance. Need not do these rare thing technically to eat, nutrition does not have many certainly tall, also be afraid of do bad meeting to cause endoparasite infection. So the proposal eats chicken, flesh, fish, milk, egg, fruit, vegetable to wait more usually, make sure what the puerpera needs everydayShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Nutrition is possible.

Can drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water, if puerpera fitness is good,suggest, nutrition also need not go designedly evenly very much fill, not much bad instead; still has even if should seeing you is why to be planted constitution (it is cold hot still) of hot sex constitution do not want again this paragraph of time.

Can lactation drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water

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The puerpera eats the milk below what

The food of stimulate the secretion of milk has the following these:

Earthnut: Earthnut can be used at lienal empty leucorrhoea of queasy, oedema, woman, anaemia and cough of all sorts of haemorrhage disease and lobar dry, dry cough is long cough, postpartum urge the disease such as breast.

Towel gourd: Towel gourd sth resembling a net is material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, pleasant of flavour of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, the gender is cold, if appear mastitis disease, hair grandma is wrapped from time to tome piece, lactescence not when free, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can suggest to put towel gourd subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy inside soup-stock to stew boil,

Wild rice stem: Not only delicious, nutrition is rich, and contain C of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin to reach a variety of mineral. Motherland medicine thinks Ganleng of flavour of sex of wild rice stem, poison of heat having solution, defend irritated thirsty, interest 2 mix the effect that urge breast. Multi-purpose now hoof of wild rice stem, pig, boil edible together, have the better effect that urge breast.

Pea: Pea weighs green red bean again, sexual flavour pleasant is smooth, contain phosphor very rich, every 100 grams contain phosphor about 400 milligram. Pea is advantageous pee, unripe the body fluid, poison that solve sore, stop the have diarrhoea dysentery, effect that knows breast. Green pea is thoroughlied cook weak feed or extract juice to take with pea seedling pound, all can connect breast.

Can lactation drink soft-shelled turtle boiling water

Bean curd: Bean curd is enraged benignantly and in, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid moisten the respiratory tract, qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic effect. Also be a kind of food that urge breast. Add water to boil with bean curd, brown sugar, fermented glutinous rice take,

Shang Shui: Say Shang Shui is sufficient, be helpful for issueing a grandma. Can choose according to mom’s taste notFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The soup urging breast that be the same as, if earthnut warms boiling water of fish of pig foot, crucian carp, egg of chicken broth of chicken broth of the yam mother that stew, black of boiled in clear soup, fermented glutinous rice spends soup to wait. But mom wants to notice, not drinkable malted milk contain maltNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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drink, because can be brought about,answer a grandma.

Black sesame seed: Black sesame seed contains the amino acid with a variety of indispensible human body, participate in in the action of vitamin E, vitamin B1 below, e of the iron in the black sesame seed of metabolization function; that can quicken human body and vitamin is the cell of head of precautionary anaemia, activation, important part that removes hemal cholesterol, mom body is good, nature can issue a grandma.

Asparagus lettuce: Asparagus lettuce divides Xie Yonghe bine to use two kinds, have all sorts of rich nutriment. Outside pledging except iron among them, other nutrition all is leaf the content that compare a bine is high, accordingly, when edible asparagus lettuce, had better not abandon leaf and do not feed.

Day lily: Part of day lily nutrition is very substantial, every 100 grams are dry article contain protein 14. 1 gram, this almost with animal flesh close. In addition, still contain many vitamin B1, B2 to wait.

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