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Longan is at ordinary times a kind of very common dried fruit, often eat longan to have enrich the blood the action of filling gas, suit body weakling especially, resembling postpartum female suit to eat longan particularly, have insomnious appearance at ordinary times, also can alleviate through eating longan insomnious symptom, longan has the effect that calm the nerves, suit to enrage blood especially two empty and heart are lienal compare weakling, but eating longan is to be able to cause suffer from excessive internal heat, because this everybody does not want when eating longan,eat more.

Does insomnia eat longan canal to use

Insomnia eats longan1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Is the canal used

1, beneficial enrages blood

Longan flesh can improve pressure of state of cardiovascular loop, stable mind, Shu Jie and insecurity, longan contains rich dextrose, cane sugar, protein to reach a variety of vitamins and microelement, have favorable alimentary benefiting effect. Can use at treating ill rear body weak or mental decline, the woman fills in postpartum attune very appropriate also.

Does insomnia eat longan canal to use

2, filling heart is lienal

Longan flesh the person to work with one’s mind or brains, bad news is sad disposition blood person, more effective. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks heart advocate hematic arteries and veins and consciousness, with spiritFall in love with the sea

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, recognizant thinking activity is concerned. Lienal the source that is the acquired biochemistry that enrage blood, provide systemic nourishment.

If people has insomnia forgetful, the look is weary the symptom such as force. Longan flesh pleasant is lukewarm nourishing, enter a heart lienal two classics, ameliorative benefiting heart is lienal, and melting and goluptious, not grow be bored with, not stop up is angry, solid for Bu Xinjian lienal beautiful is tasted.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of flavour of longan flesh sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, heart, can benefit the heart is lienal, raise blood to calm the nerves, it is commonly used benefiting Chinese traditional medicine feeds capable person, the method that a few kinds of longan benefit introduces below,

Does insomnia eat longan canal to use

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Shanghai noble baby

1, with longan 10 take the flesh, the poached eggs that boil 2, add right amount white sugar, hollowA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Eat. Fill lienal raise a heart, heart’s-blood beneficial is angry.

2, before sleeping every night, eat 10Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Longan, can raise a heart to calm the nerves, treat palpitation insomnia.

3, longan flesh 20 grams, the boil leach bubble that is put into 300 milliliter feeds the flesh to drink boiling water after about 5 minutes. Can enrich the blood wake god, to often stay up late, personage of fast rhythm life waits for the personage’s life-giving first selection.

4, longan flesh 30 grams, the boil in be being put into 500 milliliter water makes an appointment with 10 minutes, add an egg 2, boil moment a bit can edible. Often edible can protect skin to raise colour, fight consenescence, enhance human body immunity force adjustment function. Apply to a lady especially.

5, longan flesh 200 grams, add sorghum to asperse 500 milliliter in vain, bubble a month. Face the drink when sleeping every night 15 milliliter. Recoverable exhaustion, reduce inferior healthy symptom, calm the nerves calm annals.

6, longan takes the flesh 30 times, red jujube is ripped 10 times1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Broken, with rice 100 grams, the congee that boil 2 bowls, add right amount brown sugar, time takes 1 bowl each. Can fill lienal heart’s-blood, raise a heart to add wisdom, old people You Yi.

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