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Article introduction

Modern society, because the aesthetic idea of people is in ceaselessly,produce a change, at that time the thought also can produce a change. For instance height for this, no matter man or woman, hope oneself body is high-energy enough a few taller, the man grows high is Gao Fushuai it seems that, and the wife grows high to have big long leg, very attractive. So, do a few eggs eat to you can grow more in living at ordinary times tall?

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Eat an egg to grow tall?

Have egg chairman tall.

Take the advantage of the egg

1.What the egg contains rich protein, adipose, vitamin and iron, calcic, Potassium to wait for human body place to need is mineral, protein is high grade albumen, to hepatic organization injury has repair action;

2.Contain a lot ofelement of DHA and lecithin, yolk, it is to nerve1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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All and body development are advantageous, can beneficial of be good at head wisdom, improve memory, promote liver rejuvenesce;

3.More vitamin B and other microelement are contained in the egg, can be decomposed and the carcinogen inside oxidation human body, have the effect that prevent cancer.

Edible egg note

Each everyday in order to eat 1 ~ 2 eggs are advisable, be helpful for digesting already so absorb, can satisfy the need of airframe again.

The egg is the natural food of human ideal, eating a law to go up to also should notice science. To old people, eat an egg to answer in order to boil, lie, evaporate, swing had better, because of decoct, fry, although scamper is delicious, but relatively digest hard. After if process the egg,becoming salty egg, its contain calcic quantity to be able to increase apparently, can increase 512 milligram by the 55 milligram of every 100 grams, it is 10 times of bright egg about, particularly appropriate at osteoporosis in old people is fedLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
With. Returning what should remind is, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Do not eat unripe egg, somebody thinks to eat unripe egg battalion to cure, this kind of view is unscientific.

Eat an egg to grow tall?

Long fast food is recommended

Black soybean

Soja is accepted high protein food, among them protein content wants number highestly is black soybean, and the quantity of heat of black soybean is low, eat to not be afraid of get fat more. Can cook a meal together with rice, or oar of wear black soya bean. If the child feels disgusted black soybean, can eat earthnut.


Protein and calcium are contained a lot ofin pilchard. The calcium in pilchard compares the plant sex calcium that contains in other sea alga to be digested more easily absorb, grow to the child very helpful. In addition the seafood that the flesh of the fillet that connect bone such as fish of anchovy, whitebait, cucumber eats together kind it is very good food.


General child won’t defy an egg, especially the egg white with rich protein (albumen) . The egg is high protein qualitative food, it is again good for the child to growing the body the food that does not pass. Although vitelline cholesterol is higher, but should control only everyday the amount of edible egg, won’t have too big problem. Eat an egg to control everyday in 1-2.

Eat an egg to grow tall?


Want the child to grow tall, milk is indispensable food. The nutrient material that because advantageous skeleton is contained in milk,grows is calcic. Drink 3 cups of milk to be able to absorb the calcium that needs for a long time to pledge everyday. But the grandma fishy smell that also meets some children like milk within not quite, if the child in the home does not like to drink milk, might as well let he and yoghurt, eat cheese.


Iron and calcium are contained a lot ofin spinach, lying grow the child in development needs filling iron and calcium, can have spinach more.

But a lot of children very defy spinach, direct the spinach according to adult taste make it, the childShanghai night net

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Often do not love to eat.

So OK a spinach is mincing, mix rice group inside.

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