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Easy oversight, be in China, the turnip is called to a person of low position by people ginseng, this shows its very high nutrition value, arrived in the winter when, people classics regular meeting stews chop soup eat with the turnip, can complement so rich carbolic waterLoveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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It is sauce turnip, particular way is as follows.

What is the practice measure of sauce turnip?

The practice of sauce turnip:

The material that make:

Advocate makings: Bailuo predicts 100 grams complementary makings: Kelp (delicacy) 10 grams

Condiment: Soy 15 grams, chili pink 5 grams, starch (corn) 10 grams

The method that make:

1. Bailuo predicts flay stripping and slicing;

2. kelp is abluent;

3. turnip piece, kelp adds water 200 fine long hairA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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In rising to put bowl together, boil to soup juiceForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Close dry;

Pink of 4. soy, chili adds 1 spoon cold water to mix divide evenly;

After 5. is boiled with small fire, tick off Gorgon euryale to become sauce with starch;

When 6. edible, drench sauce go up in turnip and kelp can.

The gist that make:

The sauce that make should notice to be stewed slow with small fire, and should at the same time agitate is stewed at the same time boil.

What is the practice measure of sauce turnip?

Small post person – healthy clew:

1. is expectorant, suitable gas, relieve a cough, disappear sluggish, can promote metabolism effectively, reduce hematic fat and blood sugar;

The candy component that 2. Bai Luobo contains is few, can promote metabolism effectively;

3. and kelp close feed, it is the dish with a nutrition quite high value.

Small post person – food photograph gram:

Bai Luobo: Bailuo predicts avoid ginseng, American ginseng to be fed together.

Practice 2

Korea sauce turnip

Advocate makings: Bailuo is predicted

Complementary makings: Clean water

Condiment: White sugar, salt, unripe smoke, in vain vinegar

What is the practice measure of sauce turnip?


1, Bo Bangen of white trailing plants, probably 2 jins or so heavy.

2, the turnip does not want flay, zone Pi Caihui bright is fragile, wash clean down slice.

3, turnip piece with fine salt of smaller part spoon, mix divide evenly bloats half hour, let it give water.

4, after waiting half hours to pass, the turnip gave a lot of water, at that time water teem, squeeze dry.

5, put white sugar of smaller part spoon again, mix divide evenly bloats half hours, squeeze dry moisture.

6, the turnip that gives good water piece in, those who put 7 spoon left and right sides is unripe smoke, 2 spoon white sugar, 1.5 spoon white vinegar, the clean water that 7 spoon control, mix divide evenly.

7, the quantity of juice wants condiment to be made the same score together with the turnip, the turnip is OK and basic bubble is inside juice accurate.

8, juice of put away condiment can taste next flavour, oneself adjust again below.

9, build upper cover next child, put freezer to refrigerate souse two days or so, can take out edible.

Food is overcome

Turnip: The turnip is unfavorable feed together with ginseng, American ginseng.

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