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Article introduction

Onion agaric namely onion mixes agaric, it is a kind of food that be made jointly with onion and agaric and becomes, also be a kind of very popular cold dish. Of course, onion mixes the making method of agaric also is to a lot of is plant, and its nutrition value is extremely high, eat onion right amountly to mix agaric, be the healthy condition that can improve human body very well. Below, mix for everybody introduction onion the practice of agaric and nutrient value!

 The practice encyclopedia of onion agaric

One, onion mixes agaric makes a method


1, the choose after will black agaric immerses with clear water goes foreign matter is stand-by;

2, onion abluent cut silk to enter dish of;

3, will black agaric joins onion dish inside, add right amount individual to like to flavor mix divide evenly adds fine and soft of a few garlic to be able to be fed.

Practice 2

1, onion, qing Gongjiao is abluent cut into shreds; agaric boils tooFall in love with the sea

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Shui Chao;

 The practice encyclopedia of onion agaric

2, salt, unripe smoke, ; of acetic add divide evenly

3, will dry chili is cut broken, put ladle together with Chinese prickly ash, add oil, incendiary go up to; of fragrance giving any of several hot spice plants

4, agaric, onion, qing Gongjiao and the divide evenly of makings juice agitate of the 2nd ministry mix up, enter the oil with sweet stir-fry before stewing, break up even can!

2, the nutrient value of onion

Onion, common weighs onion. ” of the empress in ” dish is known as in Europe, its nutrition part is substantial, except do not contain adipose outside, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Contain protein, candy, crude fibre and element of amine of calcic, phosphor, iron, Selenium, carotene, sulfur, riboflavin, Nick a variety of nutrition composition such as acerbity, ascorbic acid. Fresh onion makes an appointment with 8.1g of hydrous portion 88g, protein 1.1g, carbohydrate, crude fibre in every 100g 0.9g, adipose 0.2Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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A variety of microelement such as 4.4mg of 147mg of E0.14mg of C8mg of B20.02mg of B10.03mg of 0.02mg of 0.5g of G, ash content, carotene, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, Potassium, natrium, calcic 40mg and Selenium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium.

 The practice encyclopedia of onion agaric

3, the nutrient value of agaric

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Gan Xingping, put in lienal, lung, liver, large intestine ‘s charge classics. Advocate treat anaemia of deficiency of vital energy, lobar empty is long cough, haemoptysis, haemorrhoid bleeds, woman uterine bleeding, menstruation is not moved, injuries from falls. Black agaric parasitism the black agaric on different a hopeless case or matrix, what contain composition and pharmacodynamics effect alien. Say commonly, black agaric basically contains phosphatide of protein, adipose, lecithin, scabbardForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, a variety of vitamins, and the inorganic composition such as calcic, phosphor, iron, have fight blood to coagulate, fight thrombosis, stimulative immunity function, adjust hematic fat, fight sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, fall blood sugar, defer consenescence, fight ulcer, fight the sweeping pharmacodynamics action such as fungus.

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