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Modern takes health care of preserve one’s health seriously more and more, the method of health care of the preserve one’s health in daily life is very much, some people like to drink tea, barley tea is the drink of a kind of preserve one’s health, it is to fry normally ripe later use bubble water to drink, water of barley tea bubble drinks healthy to the person dispute to often have profit, but a lot of people are afraid, after barley tea was drunk, cause suffer from excessive internal heat very easily, actually barley tea won’t cause suffer from excessive internal heat.

Did barley tea drink meeting get angry?

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Did barley tea drink meeting get angry?

Barley tea, be fry barley the repass after making to boil is boiled and be gotten, have a thick Mai Xiang, drink barley tea can appetizing, aid digestion, have the effect that reduce weight. Tea flavor is honey faint scent, nutrition is rich, local color is distinctive, clear heat is alexipharmic. Barley tea does not contain tea alkaline, coffeine, chan Ning, do not stimulate nerve, do not affect Morpheus, do not pollute tea service, do not pollute a tooth. Does that drink get angry of barley tea party at ordinary times?

Drink barley tea not only won’t suffer from excessive internal heat, and the effect that still has the clear fire that heat up solution, barley tea basically does not have side-effect, but a few character because of barley tea, had better not hollow drink. Barley is had be good at lienal disappear is fed, stop except heat the effect such as water of thirsty, benefit leaving energy of life. Barley tea basically is used at disappear lukewarm detoxify, be good at lienal reduce weight, clear heat sees hot weather, go smelling of fish or mutton, go fat, aid digestion, embellish skin black is sent.

Because barley tea contains a lot ofthe nutrient element such as protein, the patient that contracts hypertensive, heart disease can not drink barley tea. Those who need an attention is, although barley tea does not contain tea, and nutrition is rich, but the female of lactation is not to suit to drink barley tea, because barley tea has the effect that answers breast, lactation should avoid drinkable barley tea. Barley tea is long after putting very easy grow1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Unripe bacterium, degenerative, the barley tea scarcely of of the previous night is OK and drinkable. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Did barley tea drink meeting get angry?

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The action of barley tea

(1) surfeit, the bosom is frowsty abdominal distension, fry black abrade take, have change phlogistic disappear to bilge, move the work of break down have diarrhoea.

(2) children dyspepsia, sallow and emaciated, the person of the old and weak, feed little lack of power, add candy to take with barley, beneficial enrages be good at stomach.

(3) enteron ulcer, it is staple food with barley, can make the same score gastric gas, stop secret anguish.

(4) hotly irritated thirsty, with tea of barley decoct water, clear hot weather promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid.

Did barley tea drink meeting get angry?

The effect of barley tea and action

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Barley tea can very good purify is fat. Accordingly, barley tea also called Korea family inside drink of the stock on table.

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Burning hot drink barley tea to still can see hot weather, suit season of old people intense heat of summer to drink especially, diuresis, stop thirsty, the water of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of very fast compensatory body is divided, remove thirsty feeling, restore the balance of the electrolyte inside body, avoid to produce heatstroke.

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